A Local Cherokee Youth Performing Arts Company

Tahlequah, Oklahoma 

Bring the Performers together

What an honor these young ballerinas have.  Encore! Performing Society was able to obtain the rights to Louis Ballard's beautifully written ballet that pays tribute to Oklahoma's own 5 Indian Ballerinas. This was a piece written to honor not only the ballerinas, but to Celebrate Oklahoma's Statehood. 12 Young Dancers ages 6 to 20 will be traveling to our nations capital to not only represent Cherokee Nation, but follow in the footsteps of those who paved the way. While one does not think of ballet when they think of the Cherokee Nation, they are changing that once dance at a time.  10 of the 12 dancers in our group are Cherokee Nation Citizens. They bring a refreshing modern style of dance showing that not only can they hold on to their heritage, they can pay tribute to those that have gone before them.  We hope if your happen to be in Washington D.C. during April 13, 14 & 15 you will take the time to stop by and watch.
Our dancers are: Zoey Farris, Lilly Garcia, Julianne Burns, Natalie Bridges, Hannah Hill, Abbey Hill, Reece Cowart, Lacy Ullrich, Clistia Geary, Hadley Hume, Natalie Walker and Sydney Terry