A Local Cherokee Youth Performing Arts Company

Tahlequah, Oklahoma 

Bring the Performers together


The Four Moons......

This year we were selected to take our production, the Four Moons, a tribute to Oklahoma`s five Indian Ballerinas, to the Cherokee Days at the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian in Washington D.C. This production involves 12 dancers from Oklahoma, with rehearsals being conducted in Tahlequah, OK. Your contributions will be used exclusively to lower the costs to our dancers, which includes costumes, props, travel, lodging and meals. Encore! Performing Society is a non-profit organization and all sponsor funds will be used strictly for the dancers to reduce the financial burden on their families.   The average cost per dancer to participate is more than $800, which is particularly difficult for families with more than one dancer and/or modest means.

I have been personally involved in this production: from choreography, obtaining music rights, coming up with costume ideas, hair style for dancers, finding the right people to create digital backdrops, various Native American attributes that are used, but more importantly - I feel that our generation has to remember and honor the heritage of the five great Indian ballerinas - and who would do it better than Native American dancers?


While we are working on our latest and greatest production,  please take a moment to  donating to our performing arts youth group.  We would be forever grateful for your contribution no matter the size.  If your not able to donate financially but you might have a skill we could use please consider calling us and seeing where we could put your skills to work.